May 29, 2023

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Sweden blocks area around Nord Stream gas pipeline leak in Baltic Sea to investigate ‘gross vandalism’

The French delegation stood their ground during the discussion on the situation in Ukraine

French delegates on Monday quietly clashed over their positions on the war in Ukraine during a lengthy debate, but not without minor hiccups. Here is a summary of the positions adopted on the various topics discussed during the discussion:

Speaking at the preface of the debate, the Prime Minister said, “They work”. Elizabeth Bourne And did not fail to achieve “Those who disguise their fascination with Russian imperialism under the guise of patriotism”.

“For the propagandists [russe] I ask a question: If these sanctions are so ineffective, why would Putin be so eager to remove them?added the chairman of the Revival Committee Aurore BergSubstitute when Charles sitting chair Condemned “So Long Ideological Complicity” Far Right with Russia.

Laurent Markangeli (Horizons) condemned “lie” of “Severe punishments for the French than for the Russians”, Frederick Pettit Lambasting, on the modem side, that’s who “By electoral calculation, or by intellectual submission” They want to put an end to that and directly challenge the national rally.

Member of Parliament R.N Jerome Beauson He argued that energy barriers “Counterproduction”And allowed Russia “To maximize profits”. “Banning Russia Is Legal”But obstacles should be targeted Export of goods used by oligarchs and arms industryHe pleaded.

Chairman of the board, Said La France Insomisse, Mathilde PanotHe questioned “Fit” Some obstacles “Hydrocarbons prices worsened, and allowed Russia to see business profits explode”. He also put back on the table the noobs plan to tax super profits “Pay the Poor for Inflation”.

“Don’t give in to humiliation”called LR Jean-Louis Theriotcall “Maintenance and Strengthening of Sanctions”Energy crisis is also the result “Mistakes in energy policies since 2012”..

sorry“blindness” Civil Services before the Russian invasion, Head of LIOT Group (Liberties, Independencies, Foreign and Territories) Bertrand Puncher was invited “Accelerate Security Europe”And “To provide more military equipment” To Ukraine. “Military support worked”Added sub EELV Duchy of Aurelianrequest “Strengthen this initiative”.

“The result [de Paris] Caesar’s supply of guns is excellent.”And appreciated Jean-Louis Theriotwhen Valerie Rabald (PS) asked the government to extend “Its delivery to surface-to-air missiles”. “Arms supply today is mainly provided by the US, Europe must take more of its role, otherwise it will never be a reliable actor in terms of geopolitics”The Deputy Chairman of the Assembly argued.

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“Our Polish and Baltic allies no longer trust us”And “Diplomatic efforts are now outsourced to Turkey and China”Criticized Jerome BeausonHis colleague from the RN team Alexis Jolly Called France “Finding Its Uniqueness” Find his place. On behalf of the Communist Party, Jean Paul Lecoq France begged not to “This country that sells arms to torturers and warlords for billions of euros a year no longer exists”.

On the left, the Socialists Boris Vallad And Valerie Rabald Called together to deal with the problem “Companies”Russia will be allowed to avoid sanctions, including France.

Boris Vallaud announced the PS amendment to the Finance Bill “Dividends and other revenues of companies that actually support the Russian economy will be confiscated and paid to Ukraine”Calling Eutelsat “Stop broadcasting any news channel linked to Russian authorities”and listening Total Energies d “Get out of Russia”.

Environmentalist Duchy of Aurelian He also asked “An accurate list of companies still operating on Russian soil” And “The extent of their participation, whether voluntary or not, in the mobilization ordered by Vladimir Putin.”.

MEPs also unanimously condemned Moscow’s announcements to merge the four regions.