May 30, 2023

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Sweden wants to build new nuclear reactors

The Kingdom of Sweden is preparing legislation to authorize the installation of new nuclear reactors in the Nordic country to boost electricity production and strengthen its energy security, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf said on Wednesday.

Indeed, Mr Christensen has made boosting nuclear power production a key objective of his right-wing government, reversing the trend of closing nuclear reactors over the past two decades.

Although Sweden has so far been least affected by the gas supply turmoil since the war in Ukraine, electricity prices remain high and volatile.

The new law, which has yet to be passed by parliament, will allow new reactors to be built at additional sites in Sweden and is expected to come into effect in March 2024.

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« We have a clear need to produce more electricity in Sweden“Mr Christerson told a press conference that the country was committed to changing the law to allow more nuclear reactors to be built in more places.

The new law would remove the cap on the number of nuclear reactors in Sweden, limited to 10, and remove the ban on building new reactors at new sites, allowing smaller ones, which many consider more profitable.

In addition, Ulf Kristerson announced during a visit to Paris in early January that Stockholm would consider buying new nuclear power plants from France.

Sweden now has six operating reactors, half as many as before, and temporary shutdowns for maintenance at some have helped drive up electricity prices in the Nordic country in recent months.

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