March 30, 2023

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Tajeddine El Husseini: Algiers’ strategy always weakens Morocco

The political scientist assesses that the military regime in Algiers has no major concern other than to successfully counter and weaken Morocco’s regional power by exploiting weak partners such as the Tunisian president, Kaïs Saïed, a durifar in Algiers’ paymaster. , Tajeddine El Husseini.

“While he is facing serious political and economic problems at home, the Tunisian president negotiated a modest financial compensation with Algiers to take a deliberate and provocative action towards Morocco,” Tajeddine said. El Husseini in an interview with Le360.

The transaction was negotiated by Algiers and Tunis with the aim of “weakening Morocco”. “This is a long-known strategy of the Algerian regime and consists in reducing the diplomatic, economic and military power of Morocco at the regional and international levels”, he said.

By welcoming the separatist leader with great fanfare in Tunis, the Tunisian president “knew very well that, through his hostility, he was going to deeply affect the sentiments of 40 million Moroccans,” the political scientist recalled. Tajeddin El Husseini believes that Qais Said was aware of the fact that “the regime of the corporals in Algiers not only harmed Morocco, but exploited him as part of its strategy to reduce Algiers’ diplomatic isolation.” world”.

The expert shared Algeria’s previous failures in Libya, Mali and the Sahel. According to the political scientist, among other excesses are the diplomatic successes achieved by Morocco in safeguarding its territorial integrity with African, European, American and Asian countries.

Tajeddine El Husseini, a professor of international law at Mohammed VI University in Rabat, also noted another attempt to destabilize the Algiers region. He thus accused the Algerian regime of wanting to harm “Egypt’s interests” and those of many Arab countries.

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According to him, the military regime in Algiers always works against “Morocco’s union, stability and prosperity”. He recalled Algiers’ old claims to create a state in his pay over the Moroccan Sahara, and various moves to weaken the kingdom in the past through the complicity of senior officials in Libya, Tunisia and Mauritania. According to the geopolitical expert, all these efforts have failed in a “powerful, united and stable Morocco”.

Tajeddine El Husseini, on the other hand, instigated many Moroccan territories to be cut off from the kingdom and given to the rule of Algiers following Morocco’s independence. “This agreement and the agreement under 1972 with Morocco for the exploitation of the iron mine of Kara Gebilat, located near Algiers Tintouf, should be annulled”.

“This agreement for the joint exploitation of this important mine was signed on June 15, 1972 by the late Algerian President Houthi Boumedene and the late King Hassan II”, the political scientist recalled, stressing that “these territories have always been Moroccan”. Algiers regime unilaterally with a Chinese company in 2021 ” It should also be noted that Gebilad signed an agreement to operate the Iron Mine.