March 30, 2023

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Tangier: Towards the creation of a Mediterranean network of experts and organizations specializing in the protection of personal data

Friday, January 27, 2023 at 09:12 PM

Tangier – The National Commission for Personal Data Protection (CNDP) organized an international meeting in Tangier on Friday to present the pioneering experience of Morocco in this field.

The meeting, which was attended by officials and experts from Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Israel, Tunisia, France and the European Commission, was also an opportunity to present the work of the CNDP, which was created on February 18. , 2009, and discuss the establishment of a regional network uniting the countries of the Mediterranean region that requires the creation of regional institutions such as specific geographic, economic, security and human resources.

In this context, the president of the CNDP, Omar Seghrouchni, stated in a speech that Morocco wants to create a Mediterranean network in coordination with various Mediterranean partners. Enhancing North-South cooperation in critical areas for the benefit of all countries concerned, to address the many challenges of an economic, security and financial nature and to combat some of the phenomena the region is experiencing. As migration.

Mr. Seghrouchni underlined Morocco’s readiness to share its experience with countries around the Mediterranean Sea, to support respect for the freedom and fundamental rights of individuals, investors and businessmen, and to support orientations and changes that affect technological, economic, legal and social. Department of Personal Data Protection in the Mediterranean Region.

The protection of personal data is a subject that attracts the attention of countries in light of the rapid development of new technologies, the uncontrolled use of which can lead to the violation of citizens’ rights and hinder economic development. , investment, passenger traffic and the security and stability of states, he stressed that the establishment of a Mediterranean network and common regulatory framework is more necessary than ever.

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Mr. Sekhruchny added. The meeting is part of setting itself up as an example of the exponential growth Morocco has experienced under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, not forgetting that its history has witnessed many different civilizations. A series of national and international meetings organized by the CNDP as part of the celebration of the World Day for the Protection of Personal Data, Morocco in particular has accumulated many experiences by being active in the network of data protection authorities in Africa. Provides status and permanent secretariat, as well as member of the executive committee of the World Privacy Council, an international organization that unites more than 130 countries.

He further noted that since the creation of the CNTP, Morocco has been able to achieve many objectives, including supporting a culture of digital trust among citizens, public and private institutions, and continuously developing new technologies. Legislative and procedural efforts to protect the use of personal data by these technical means.

The President of the CNDP stressed in this regard that the protection of behavioral data is today a strategic issue to protect the personal data of citizens, including Moroccans around the Mediterranean Sea, calling on the Mediterranean countries to redouble their efforts to adopt practical and acceptable solutions. Take into account the interests of all countries of the region and strengthen partnerships in this area.

For his part, international expert Joseph Cannadasi pointed out in a statement to M24, the continuous news channel of MAP, that this initiative by Morocco is very important considering the developments the world is experiencing in the field of digitization. Concerning all the countries of the Mediterranean basin, it aims to excel in an international space and a crossroads for many countries operating from the south and the north.

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This initiative is very important because, on the one hand, it allows all the players in the countries of the Mediterranean to contribute to the governance, whether they are professionals, political and institutional players, scientists, academics and representatives of civil society. The field of protection of personal data, on the other hand, reflects the close and common links between countries and cultures that require effective cooperation in various fields to meet the challenges they face, Mr. Kannadasi explained.

Speakers at the meeting welcomed Morocco’s initiative to create a Mediterranean network of experts and institutions specializing in the protection of personal data, noting that it reflects the government’s desire to make the Mediterranean region a haven of peace, security, stability, trust and mutual respect. and a model for collectively addressing the region’s challenges.

They underlined that this Moroccan initiative is not only in digitalization and the development of new technologies, but also in line with the developments that the world is experiencing in terms of international laws, while confirming the will of many countries. International organizations put in place legal regulations, rules and organizational guidelines that govern the issue of personal data protection.

On this occasion, a group of experts representing the various countries involved was set up to discuss technical, theoretical and legislative aspects, with the aim of creating a Mediterranean network of experts and organizations specialized in the protection of personal data, open to all players. Can bring qualitative added value to this network and contribute to strengthening relationships in this strategic area.

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There was also a presentation of the objective and tasks of the CNDP, which ensures respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data.

The CNDP carries out an information and awareness-raising work with companies and individuals from public and private institutions, to ensure that individuals are informed of the rights granted to them by the new legal framework regulating the use of their personal data. In Morocco, to advise and support individuals with a view to protecting themselves from the misuse of their personal data, to inform public and private organizations of their obligations and best practices in processing personal data, to advise and support data controllers and implement a process to comply with the provisions of Law 09-08 and its implementing texts and Explaining to economic operators the rules and procedures governing the transfer of personal data abroad.