May 30, 2023

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Targeting youth based on gender is prohibited on Instagram and Facebook

MetaThe parent company of Facebook and Instagram decided this week to remove gender as a targeting option for companies serving ads to teenagers and young adults from the California group’s sites, after it has been repeatedly accused of harming the mental health of young audiences.

It will come into effect next month and will limit the target. This targeting is increasingly restricted and limited to age and location. After months of targeting teenagers based on their interests and activities, the company A Adopted a new measure to ensure the safety of young viewers on the advertising platform.

A question of gender (or sex) Advertisements are often presented with sexism or exploitation of youth. The differential treatment of boys and girls in commercial media is accused of reproducing unequal images of the two sexes and affecting the sensibilities of adolescents.

So this new initiative, starting in February, will ban this passive consumption option that allowed advertisers to reach teenagers.

In the same vein, Meta A little more restricts the fountains available to advertisers to target young users of Instagram or Facebook.

The US agency had already banned advertisers from knowing the history of teenagers on other platforms in 2021.

So age and location are the only information belonging to the group Meta Available to all advertisers. The company said the two pieces of data “help us ensure that young people consistently see ads that are appropriate for their age and products.” Services available Where they live”.
Sec Enhanced control Ads aimed at young users are an invasion of their privacy and limit the influence they are exposed to.

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Users can now access their ad preferences from within the Facebook and Instagram settings, and choose to see less of this or that type of ad or opt out.

In March, teens will get more ways to manage ad types thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s social media ad controls.

The group plans to make it easier for under-18s who want to receive less ads on specific topics in the coming days.