March 30, 2023

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Tensions continue in Tunisia: Judges on strike

The judges went on strike after the president sacked 57 of them and attacked corruption and the proper functioning of justice. This step should last for a week.

At the first event court in Tunis, only administrative functions were performed and most courtrooms were vacant. Judges on strike Gathered in the office is said to have expressed anger. Hamadi Rahmani, one of the 57 sacked judges, wondered about the president’s reasons for such aggression. ” Those who want to reform justice should not attack those who campaign for independence and the independence of the judiciary. Instead the president fires, but there are also harassment campaigns against some judges through anonymous posts posted on social networks. “, He reprimands.

A magistrate who was fired for indecency was charged this weekend with engaging in prostitution through medical and personal documents without his knowledge. She had to defend herself in public. The climate is being determined by Aicha Belhausen, vice president of the Association of Tunisian Magistrates, which is a disgrace to the judiciary. ” In Tunisia this is an unprecedented crisis and this crisis cannot continue like this because the judges are in solidarity and they have said that these dismissal decisions are not without any assistance and no guarantee. “, She notes.

To Aya Riyahi, Legal Adviser to the Tunisian NGO I am seeing, An anti-corruption body, says the Tunisian presidency needs transparency. ” The reasons for their removal are not clear […] We asked for the eleventh time to release the files of the magistrates accused of corruption, and they refused […] This ambiguity divides Tunisians […] The lack of transparency creates this controversy […] It is worrying that this decision was taken unilaterally by the President. This is not a reform plan, but the destruction of power in Tunisia. She protests.

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K. Saïed, who reacted warmly to the movement, called on the Minister of Justice to suspend the salaries of the striking judges. A demonstration by judges and civil society is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8. Another test for the head of state who wants to implement with the forces as he predicts reforms for the new Tunisia “Third Republic” Dit-on.