May 29, 2023

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The Algeria-Morocco crisis is spreading in the Russian media

The new press release of the Algerian Foreign Ministry is largely dedicated to Morocco. In an interview with Russia Today’s Arab Channel on Saturday, October 23, Rabat said, “Rabat has gone too far in its occupations and conspiracies against Algeria, especially the use of individuals and groups properly classified as terrorists (…) Morocco.” .

As a reminder, Algerian officials have announcedOn October 13, he foiled a “conspiracy” to undermine the country’s stability. This would be the work of a terrorist organization (…) that supports the separatist trend, with the complicity of the “Zionist organization and a state in North Africa” ​​referring to Morocco.

The diplomat told the Russian media that “rapping is dangerous and unacceptable”, pointing to cooperation between Morocco and Israel, which he said was a “threat” to his country’s stability. Furthermore, reading Cassandra confirms that “the occupation of the Western Sahara by Morocco is subjecting the area to the misery of the uninitiated.”

Reports to the General Russian Television Channel have been coming in for two days After the meeting The meeting took place in Moscow between the Special Envoy of the Russian President in charge of the Middle East and African countries in Moscow and the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Boktanov and the Ambassador of the State in Moscow Lodfi Bouchara. On this occasion, both parties confirmed that “there is no cooling off in Moroccan-Russian relations.”

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