April 1, 2023

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The Andean Parliament holds its ordinary session in Laâyoune – mafrique

The city of Laayoune on Monday hosted the work of the ordinary session of the Andean Parliament, which, for the first time, was held outside the member states of this regional body.

On the occasion of the session chaired by the President of the Andean Parliament, Fidel Espinoza Sandoval, the President of the Councilors’ Council, Nama Mayara, underlined that the choice to hold an ordinary session of the organization in Leon reflects this. Specializing in bilateral and multilateral relations.

Mr. Mayara noted that the event commemorating the fourth anniversary of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Moroccan Parliament and the Andean Parliament provides an opportunity to congratulate each other on the achievement of common objectives and achievements to strengthen bilateral institutions. Encouraging relationships and coordination in matters of common interest.

Both parties have significant assets to develop a model of South-South cooperation, establish mutually beneficial economic partnerships and initiate the dynamics of human and social development projects, Mr. Mayara pointed out.

He noted that the event is an opportunity to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Andean Parliament’s historic decision to support the project of autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty as a realistic and credible solution to end this artificial conflict.

In addition, the President of the Council of Councilors noted that the geopolitical positions of the Kingdom and the Andean countries deserve to play a pioneering role in the organization of international relations, especially since the Andean community is a platform for access to the Atlantic economy. region, and Morocco is the gateway to the African continent and the Arab world.

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Mr. Mayara pointed out. Other parts of the kingdom, H.M. Under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI.

For his part, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami, pointed out that the openness of the Moroccan Parliament to the Andean region reflects the interest of the Kingdom of Morocco in establishing channels for South-South cooperation and geopolitical dialogue. Areas that share the same aspirations and aim to share experiences and expertise and unite positions to defend the just causes of their people.

In this context, Mr. Talbi Alami noted that the membership of both houses of the Moroccan Parliament as an observer member of the Andean Parliament since 1996 has created a positive dynamic in relations with the people’s representatives of both parties. .

Thanks to active and proactive parliamentary diplomacy, the Moroccan Parliament benefits from the status of advanced partner of this regional parliamentary system and has become an important interlocutor on the African continent and the Arab world.

Regarding the issue of territorial integrity of the Kingdom, the Speaker of the House of Representatives also recalled that the autonomy plan presented by Morocco was greatly welcomed by the international community as a serious and credible solution aimed at ending this artificial conflict. .

This growing international support for sub-Saharan Morocco has been fueled by the subsequent opening of several embassies in Dougla and Lyon, he pointed out.

In a statement to reporters, Mr. Sandoval stressed the importance of the Andean Parliament holding its regular session in Lyon, and expressed his desire to further strengthen friendly relations with the Kingdom, with a view to capitalizing on the Moroccan experience. Development of sectors, especially new technologies and human capital.

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Earlier in the day, members of the Andean parliament visited large-scale projects and implemented projects and were informed about the quality of educational, sports, cultural and socio-economic and health infrastructures. Development Model of Southern Provinces.

These are projects related to construction of Medical Faculty, Business and Skills City, University Hospital Center in addition to Sports Village and Municipal Media Library.

The Moroccan Parliament and the Andean Parliament signed a memorandum of understanding in July 2018 at the headquarters of the Council of Councilors aimed at establishing communication and inter-parliamentary relations through the exchange of visits, experiences, information and documents.

Under this MoU, the Moroccan Parliament benefits from an enhanced partnership with this parliamentary body.

The Andean Community Parliament is a parliamentary body created in 1979 with the aim of harmonizing legislation and accelerating integration among the member states of this group. (with MAP)