May 30, 2023

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The Beninese president has called for Morocco to follow its example

After the Atlas Lions’ historic performance during the World Cup, Beninese President Patrice Talona has spoken of his ambitions for his country to rise to the top of African and world football competitions.

The President of the Republic of Benin, Patrice Talon, took up the case of Morocco at the World Cup (Qatar-2022) and pointed out that few African countries have been carrying the torch for some time on the continent and globally. Performances are “the result of work done over time”.

At the start of his meeting at the Palais de la Marina with the heads of Beninese sports clubs and federations, the head of state spoke of his ambitions for his country to rise to a higher level during the African and world football tournaments. Atlas Lions’ historic feat during the World Cup.

“We all watched the World Cup matches with a lot of interest, with a lot of passion and in some matches with pride. “We witnessed this semi-final between France and Morocco, which has inspired pride in the continent for the first time an African team has made it to the finals,” the President welcomed.

The Beninese president confirmed that the Atlas “deserves even to qualify for the finals of the Lions tournament”. “Not only did they have talent and skill, but they also had the will to win. We could see how many people were unhappy after removing Morocco, because we are close to the goal,” he said in comments reported by Benin’s presidency.

To see Benin reach such a level, Patrice Talon assured that milestones have already started to be set through the various reforms and willingness shown by the Beninese state to develop the sports sector.

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“I have invited you to take our start. The state has expressed its desire to boost the development of the sport by building some infrastructure. We have completed 22 more stadiums than what we had in the country and another series will start soon,” he concluded.