March 25, 2023

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The Coalition launches a military operation to “disable” the Houthis

AA / Yemen

The Arab League launched a large-scale military operation on Thursday to retaliate against Houthi attacks in several Yemeni governorates.

This is evident from a statement issued by the Saudi press agency SPA: “We are carrying out large-scale military operations to suppress the Houthis in some Yemeni governorates.”

The statement added that “military action has been taken to protect civilians from attacks in response to threats from the Houthis.”

For its part, the Houthi “Sabah” news agency reported that “warplanes carried out four airstrikes against private parts of the city of Hodeidah.”

Citing an unnamed security source, the same source said, “The coalition has targeted parts of the capital, Sanaa, with six airstrikes.”

In addition, “the other three tests targeted Sanaa International Airport”.

The move comes just days after an operation targeting airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Muzaffar Oil Refinery (in Abu Dhabi) and several other important and sensitive Emirati bases and installations. One of the blasts killed three people and left six dead. Injuries, which caused concern in the international community and widespread condemnation in the Arab world.

The Houthis routinely announce the launch of missiles, missiles and drones in parts of Saudi Arabia, intercepted and neutralized by the Kingdom-led Arab League in Yemen.

Yemen has been plagued by nearly seven years of unrelenting war between pro-government forces backed by neighboring Saudi Arabia-led Arab military coalition and pro-Iranian Houthis who have controlled several governorates since September 2014, including the capital Sanaa.

* Translated from the Arabic language by Hajar Cherni

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