February 5, 2023

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The commission Zondo publie son 2e report on the corruption of your Zuma

In the Publi:

Un new report on the commission’s Zondo’s live remix as the Chief Cyril Ramaphosa mardi’s four year old. Il sigit du second volet of this inquest of 4 ans for fire in lumière corruptions and fraude au sein his institutions and entries publications entre 2009 and 2018.

Un premier report both public mois dernier s nottait notamment penché on le pillage de la Compagnie arienne sud-africaine South African Airways, et l’administration fiscale sud-africaine. This new document – the longest and most over 500 pages – ported on destournements massifs in 2 autras enterprises public.

Principale is the pillar organization, the only new report -: the Transnite, which combines chemistry with fer, ports and pipelines in Afrique du Sud. Question 2,4 milliards diouros auraint illigalement attributes cet operator public às societés appartant à des amis de lanscien president Jacob Zuma. Not to mention the Guptas, troi hommes d’faires dirigines indianes, implications in the most scandals.

Lix-prisident est également mis en cause dans ce rapport to facilitate vol vol resources resources public, ena plain ses amis à la tête de l’portur.

In your societal exam for this commission, you will find the fabric darmes Denel, the police station in L’Oreal and the police station on the Rouine Line at a fièx-prisident.

The Chief Cyril Ramaphosa’s qualifying document pas significatif dans la lutte contre la corruption . You are currently browsing the archives for the Marketing Tips category. Après quoi, il devra se prononcer sur d’ventiveles porsuites devant la justice. But in the social civile appel- dores and déjà – ‘louverture of poorsuites judiciaries– notmment contains prescient Zuma – estimates of any dàjàs suffixes in the prevalence.

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