April 1, 2023

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The eastern government withdrew from Tripoli within hours

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Fati Bachaka’s Libyan government, appointed by parliament and backed by Marshall Haftar, announced on Tuesday that it would withdraw from Tripoli, just hours after entering. Then there was a clash between the armed groups. Tripoli is the seat of competitive executive power, the government of Abdelhamid Dibiba who has repeatedly stated that he wants to hand over power only to the elected government.

In Tripoli, on Tuesday, May 17, just hours after a provocative entry, the Libyan government announced its withdrawal from the capital, appointed by parliament and backed by Marshal Khalifa Haftar. Competitive executive power.

The government’s news service pointed out in a statement that its prime minister, Fati Bachaka, and several of his ministers had “left Tripoli for security.” […] Citizens “, clashes between armed groups erupted in the city at dawn.

Earlier in the day, the same press service announced that “the Prime Minister of the Libyan government, Fatih Bachaka, will arrive in the capital, Tripoli, with several ministers to begin his work.”

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Clashes between armed groups erupted in Tripoli shortly after Fati Pachaka’s government entered power. Heavy gunfire continued in the city around 7 a.m. local time.

Parliament convenes in the East in February Fathi Pachaka has been appointed as the former Home Minister, As the new Prime Minister. This body is supported by a powerful marshal Caliph HubbardWhose forces were trying to capture the capital in 2019?

But Fati Bachaka has so far failed to remove the executive officer in Tripoli, led by businessman Abdelhamid Dibiba. That he would hand over power to an elected government.

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Abdelhamid Dibiba’s government was born in early 2020 out of the political process with the main mission of the UN. Organization of Assembly Elections And the presidential election, originally scheduled for last December, but was postponed indefinitely.

His political rivals consider his term to be over with the adjournment.

Underestimated by divisions between competing companies in the East and West Libya It has been fighting to free itself from more than a decade of political turmoil and conflict following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011. Arab Spring.

Oil production, the country’s main source of income, is once again being held hostage to political divisions.

At the end of April, the divided UN. The Security Council adopted a resolution by the United Kingdom extending its political mission in Libya for three months, including the new UN Security Council. Russia denied long-term leave until the ambassador was appointed.

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