March 30, 2023

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The final declaration of the Arab summit in Algiers pays tribute to Morocco and King Mohammed VI.

The work of the 31st Arab Summit concluded this Wednesday afternoon in Algiers, with the “Algiers Declaration” and announcement of the next Arab Summit. It will be held in Saudi Arabia.

In this declaration, the Arab summit called for taking advantage The Moroccan experience in the fight against terrorismAcknowledging the services of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulama and the Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Mourchidin and Murchidate Imams in Morocco.

Arab leaders also welcomed the establishment in Morocco of the United Nations Office for the Fight against Terrorism and Training in Africa.

Libyan Skyrate Agreement

It also emphasized the importance of the Arab summit The Libyan accord was signed in Skyrate in 2015As a general framework for a political solution to the Libyan crisis.

The resolution issued at the end of this 31st session highlights the role of the Skyrate Agreement in the context of efforts to move forward the constitutional basis for holding presidential and legislative elections in this country.

This resolution welcomed the meeting held in Morocco. October 21, 2022 in RabatThe speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives and the head of the Libyan High Council of State find a way out of the constitutional impasse and inspire a new movement in the Libyan political dialogue.

Emergency exception support

In a resolution passed on developments in the Palestinian cause, the summit praised “the continued efforts of King Mohammed VI, the head of the Al-Quds Group, for the defense of the Holy City”.

The Summit welcomed Morocco’s financial contribution to the Al-Aqsa and Al-Quds Funds.

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On the other hand, the summit expressed its support for the King-led Al-Quds Committee and the role and activities of the Bayt Maal Al-Quds Acharif Agency in support of Maqdisi.

Furthermore, the Arab Summit highly appreciated the humanitarian dimension of Morocco’s cooperation with Arab countries. Emergency exception support.

The Arab leaders expressed their high appreciation for Morocco’s role in this area and particularly welcomed it. Medical aids and area support Health and medical training Brought by Morocco to the Republic of the Comoros Islands, on the High Instruction of King VI.

The summit also showed its great attention Yemen was financed by Morocco As part of the country’s restructuring and economic recovery plan.