May 30, 2023

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The future of the site remains uncertain

to do Following the takeover of the network by Tesla’s boss, several changes were quickly incorporated, giving many reasons to leave the app in recent weeks. Last week saw Twitter employees walk out after Elon Musk issued an ultimatum telling them to work ‘hardcore’ or quit and receive severance pay. Many employees chose the latter. This led to several trends on Twitter #RIPTwitter, #goodbyetwitterEven more.

For now, Twitter is coasting along with 36% of the employees it had before Elon Musk acquired the app, and recent layoffs in the sales department may be even lower. In fact, Bluebird is said to have downsized from 7,500 employees in September to about 2,700, and several former employees have warned that they may face layoffs due to the increased pressure.

Elon Musk’s decision to fire Twitter employees who didn’t share his vision led to an uproar among policy and security workers around the world. Along with this, it reactivates accounts banned from the platform, such as former US President Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West, two individuals who have been banned from the social network for the insulting or dangerous content of their tweets.

As for the $8-a-month subscription that allows you to switch to an authorized account, it’s a quick target for identity theft. One of them made waves in the stock market with US lab Eli Lilly, whose price plummeted due to false announcements. This function has disappeared from use for fear of the lack of moderation that reigns there. Equally important, many advertisers have suspended spending amid all the turmoil in the business, threatening its long-term financial stability.

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So, in many ways, Musk’s acquisition raises interesting questions about where Twitter is headed and alternative scenarios for the future. Hence, a new wave of social media apps is stepping up to fill the void.


This social network dates back to 2017 and was created by an anonymous American hacker using the pseudonym “Jester”. With more than 63 million visitors per month, it presents itself as the next generation of social media. Its directive is clear: no trolls, ads or influence operations. The site provides access to news and the opportunity to build communities. However, CounterSocial is not available in some countries such as China, North Korea, Pakistan or Russia. In fact, according to the company, these countries are “known to be the origin points of most robots and trolls”. It is available on smartphones and computers.

Difference of opinion

Popular among gamers, Discord has over 150 million active monthly users. Considered similar to chat rooms, the social network does not have an open public space. For example, it is possible Join discussion groups on specific topics. You can also listen to music with friends at the same time with the Spotify app. The app is available on mobile and computers.

Hive Social

The platform has reached 1 million monthly active users like Mastodon before it. The interface borrows elements from Instagram and Twitter. The site makes it possible to post news, videos, surveys and other questions and answers. Its main strengths: its chronological flow and the possibility to change posts after they are published. However, it’s important to note that Hive Social is in its infancy and only has apps on iOS and Android (beta) at this time.

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A Twitter alternative launched in 2016 that replaces “tweets” with “toots”. Like the little blue bird social network, it’s accessible on mobile and desktop. Elon Musk is already enjoying a little success since formalizing his rival’s arrival at the helm. In fact, the site gained 10,801 users the day after the announcement and 22,139 users last week, according to the Washington Post.


It is more of an online forum than a social media. Users use it to comment on messages. Like Discord, “subreddits” can be used to discuss specific topics, including everything from celebrities to animals to historical figures.