March 30, 2023

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The head of the Miss Rwanda organization has been arrested on charges of sexual harassment


Following the Miss Case in Senegal at the end of 2021, Miss Rwanda is in the cross chair of competitive justice. The head of the organization, Dieudonné Ishimwe, was arrested on Tuesday, April 26, in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. She is suspected of sexually abusing former contestants in a beauty pageant.

A spokesman for the Rwandan Intelligence Agency said the case was being investigated in a timely manner. Meanwhile, Dieudonné Ishimwe, boss of the Inspiration Backup company that organized the Miss Rwanda event, was held at the Remera police station in Kigali. He was arrested on April 26.

According to some sources, up to seven women former candidates for the beauty pageant have testified that they were sexually abused by this 36-year-old former musician, who has been running in Rwanda since 2015. . The most popular match in East Africa was crowned Nshuti Muheto last March.

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Last February, Rwandan intelligence journalist Samuel Baker tweeted, ” Untold story on Miss »: The story is dark and many will not believe it. He wrote. The story that the country and the world need to know. The so-called Miss Rwanda selection camps – if you have a friend who went to camp – encourage them to talk.

A few days after Dieudonné Ishimwe’s arrest, it was not immediately clear whether its former director of communications, former Miss Rwanda, Meghan Nimwiza, was involved in a legal case in the classroom.