May 30, 2023

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The increase in violence against LGBTI people in Cameroon condemns HRW

# In other countries : International NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Wednesday condemned the rise in violence and other abuses against LGBTI individuals in Cameroon, saying they would be arrested when they fall victim to attacks by homosexual gangs.

Law in Cameroon prohibits same-sex marriage and carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. This crime of homosexuality The Cameroonians and security forces have created an environment that allows the LGBT people to attack and abuse themselves without punishment.Ilaria Alegrosi, a Central African researcher at HRW, lamented in her organization’s press release.

Since the beginning of this year, the Cameroon Foundation Against AIDS (CAMFAIDS) Nationwide, there were 32 reported cases of violence and abuse against LGBTI (lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and intersex) people, an increase of 88% over the same period in 2021.HRW continues.

Since March 9, security forces have arbitrarily arrested at least six people, including 11 victims of gang-rape, consensual homosexuality and non-compliance.According to voluntary organizations, the existence of gendarmes is blamed Scored Two of them were in custody.

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April 10, A mob of eight armed with knives, knives, sticks and wooden planks attacked a group of at least 10 LGBT people attending a party at a private home. According to the HRW, in Messi, Yaunde County.

A neighboring officer who tried to help the two victims took them to the Gendermary Force. But the gentry beat and humiliated themselvesBefore releasing them against 15,000 CFA francs bribe (23 euros), these victims testified to HRW.

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We have to kill you because you are monstersThe players would have said according to this testimony.

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Cameroon’s penal law criminalizes consensual homosexuality, not LGBTI identities, because it’s illegal to arrest them on the basis of mere identity.HRW also accuses.

The NGO assures that many ministers and heads of the security services have never responded to the results of the HRW’s investigation.