May 30, 2023

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The Minister of Industries and Energy was sacked

Tunisia’s Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy Neela Nouira Gonji has been removed from her post, the Tunisian Presidency announced Thursday evening.

“President Qaiz Saeed decided this Thursday to dismiss the Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy Neela Nuira Gonji,” indicated the president in a brief press release, without elaborating on the reasons.

Last March, Tunisia’s Interior Minister Taoufik Charfeddine resigned from his post.

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Last February, the Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Othman Gerandi was removed from his post. Nabil Ammar, the former head of Tunisian diplomacy, has been appointed.

A mini-ministerial reshuffle, marked by the appointment of two new ministers, was undertaken by the Tunisian president earlier this year.

The reshuffle affected Education Minister Fathi Slaousi, who was replaced by Mohamed Ali Bouthiri, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Marine Fisheries, to Abdelmonim Belati, replacing Mahmoud Ilis Hamza.

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