May 30, 2023

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The New International Banking Crisis – Chapter 1

  • Interview, Video, Media Review – Load Vanost

    Eric Toussaint: “Crises are part of the metabolism of the system. The transformation of banks into public services”

    April 14,
    Eric Toussaint, Lot Vanost

  • Haste to reject loans

    6 April,
    Eric Toussaint, Anas Gordon

  • One group responds: “Our economic model is unsustainable.”

    3 April,
    Eric Toussaint, Collective, Olivier Bonfont, Christine Bagnoll, Paul Zorian, Jean-Francois Damellini, Joe Ronge, FGTB Economists, Nadine Cousy

  • The politico-judicial impasse against author and sociologist Pinar Celak must end.

    3 April,
    By CADTM, Eric Toussaint, Collective, Anas Gordon

  • Eric Toussaint: “The IMF and the WB are largely responsible for the fragility of countries facing external shocks”

    22 Tuesday,
    Eric Toussaint, Dora Villanueva

  • Paris Commune, Banking and Credit

    20 Tuesday,
    By Eric Toussaint

  • February 27, 1953 London Agreement canceling German debt

    February 27,
    By Eric Toussaint

  • No, the Belgian Congo is not a model welfare state

    February 13,
    Eric Toussaint, Fox Lives, Victor Nsuzi, Luke Mugendi, Yvonne Nkoyi, Najla Mulhondi, Anais Gordon, Cynthia Mukosa, Nordin Saidi, Mouhad Regif, Georgine Moski, Moika, Moika, Moika, , CMCLD , ACM , Pauline Fonsney, Celine Beikpeder, Nicholas Loosen, Julie Nathan

  • From Lebanon to Sri Lanka via Latin America and Egypt: The Role of Public Debt Today and in Capitalist History (Video and Text)

    January 19,
    Eric Toussaint, Anise Germany

  • International solidarity with Omar Radi and all political prisoners in Morocco

    January 17,
    Eric Toussaint, ATTAC/CADTM Maroc, Sushovan Dhar, Pauline Impach, Daniel Tanuro, Christine Boupin, David Caleb Otieno, Cristina Quintavalla, Arturo Martinez, Hussain Mukbel

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