May 30, 2023

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The old age of Algiers is trapped in its imaginary mediations

The Algerian president, during a monologue given to the Algerian media on Thursday, denied the presence of Saudi, Kuwaiti and other Turkish or Jordanian good offices and who knows what else in the conflict between Algiers and Rabat.

The aging leader of the first Muppets show made in Algeria, now on his second, however cool with the mentor, assessed from his front-stage box that the crisis was not a question of mediation. ” You should know one thing. In Algeria, the primacy of information goes to the Algerian people. If there was mediation I would have told the Algerian people. I won’t hide itHe answered. “I think the situation has gone beyond any attempt at mediation.”. As for the good man, Algerians are firmly opposed to any approach to reconciliation, hence his unacceptable decision.

In this regard, the president with an unpronounceable name pointed out that he was not referring to any mediation and any country, “”The visit of King Abdullah II of Jordan was like any other visit of leaders to Algeria, except that there are always parties paying explanations.“. He assured his “people” to the few Algerians who still follow him.You cannot attack the executioner by putting him on the same pedestal.”, except that it doesn’t define what it is. He never failed to remind us once again of the differences between our two countries.

With the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, he has not said a single word, and for the past two years, we will come out of the controversies that have been stuck in this hot potato file for El Mouradia. . Follow the other appearances… because without naming them, let’s have fun, the hints couldn’t be clearer: the Algerian president, whose name you know, has accused Morocco of being the origin of the fire, if he were president. The summer of 2021 ravaged northern Algeria, and Kabylia in particular, killing nearly a hundred people.

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He also accused Morocco of supporting the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK), classified as a terrorist organization by Algiers. Should We Ignore You, the resumption of relations between Morocco and Israel, as well as the visits of several Israeli officials to the Kingdom considered Algiers as Direct threats to Algeria’s security. Finally, the ANP and decision makers in Algiers continue to accuse Morocco of flooding their territory with cannabis. And we go from there green and not ripe, like, remember, the fact that the Toubkal mountain stole from the Aures to put it in the High Atlas.

But these illusions are comprehensible in the light of the cabos-generals who see man as an error in his image, schizo and under the cocoon khaki of the good care of a country in other aging service or strategy of abuse. Indeed, on social networks, criticisms come from all over, and some of them are known to carry a military tone. Some clans within the generals want to expose themselves and tarnish the image of the President with a name that cannot be pronounced with impunity. It also suggests that things are going from bad to worse between the two aging Muppets in Algeria. For us, ‘the show must go on’ and we’re totally up for some delicious adventures with a frog you might not know about!

But the theory did not have enough humor and crime, so Morocco was once again invited to the occasional ‘debate’ or ‘occasional presidential interview’ in Eden of Eden with representatives of the neighboring country’s ‘local state’ media. However Algiers knows that Rabat considers that there is no need for a mediator between Morocco and Algeria.

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And, with an outstretched hand that Algiers still refused, he invited the Algerian president back to Morocco. The latter didn’t want to hear it that way. UN And this current position is very appropriate for Morocco, which has full faith in the implementation of our affairs in the Security Council.