March 30, 2023

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The opposition stands against any attempt to disqualify Usman Sonko

Senegal’s main opposition party, Yewwi Askan wi (YAW- Liberate the people), warned on Tuesday against any attempt to disqualify Ousmane Sonko, the February 2024 presidential candidate.

The alliance, which is the main force in the opposition, organized a “giga rally” in Parcels Assanese (a suburb of Dakar) on Tuesday to protest against the “instrumentalization of justice for political purposes and arbitrary arrests”.

“Mackey Sall will not try to block Usman Sonko’s candidacy for the February 2024 presidential election,” pledged Habib Sy, chairman of the Alliance Leaders’ Conference.

“Ousmane Sonko should not be Macky Sall’s third victim,” said former Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall, who was disqualified from the 2019 presidential election after a court ruling against him.

“Macky Sall disqualified Khalifa Sall and Karim Wade for the 2019 presidential election. This is what he is trying against Ousmane Sonko for the 2024 presidential election. It will not pass this time”, vowed opponent Moussa Tine.

“The country has been in tension for months and those who are against us have no peace. This explains the arbitrary arrests of our activists and sympathizers. I call on President Mackey to justify the road,” noted the former mayor of Tucker.

Desperate to “protect” Sonko’s candidacy, Déthié Fall, another leader of the coalition, called on militants for a large rally on Thursday at a court in Dakar where the leader of Senegal’s African Patriots is being tried for the job. , Ethics and Fraternity (Pastef) defamation case against Tourism and Leisure Minister Mame Mbaye Niang.

“In the first hour of the 16th (March), all in court with President Usman Sonko”, thus began the fall.

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Ousmane Sonko, president of the Senegalese African Patriots for Main Concern, Work, Ethics and Fraternity (Pastef), called for a massive mobilization today, March 15 and 16, as usual. »

“Maki Sal must understand that this country does not belong to him. It is not up to him to choose who to nominate. “Nothing will stop me from running as a candidate for the 2024 presidential election,” he assured the thousands of activists present.

“Get ready! The project is in its final stages, and Mackey Sall has only 11 months at the helm of the country,” he recalled.

In view of the investigation, the Yao Federation has planned a series of demonstrations in all sectors of the country on Wednesday, March 15.

The head of Bastep will also face justice in connection with the alleged rape of a young woman working at a beauty salon in the capital. A hearing date has yet to be set.