March 30, 2023

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The Oriental Region hosts the 5th edition of MEET The Lead

To mark Throne Day, the Startup Crow Foundation is hosting the fifth edition of Meet the Lead in the Oriental Region from July 21 to 23, 2022. This event will be its theme ” Be a part of the futureThe community of national and international experts from the world of digital technology and innovation will be brought together and dedicated exclusively to high technology.

This 5th edition of Meet the Lead is coming back thanks to the huge success of previous editions The weakness of the model, the economy in the face of rapid technological change. A new era is being captured with the traditional regimes of economic operators and the behavior of citizens, with the participation of all kinds and all kinds of unforeseen events, especially with detrimental effects on the health of the people. The organizers explain the structure of life.

The choice of venue and theme for the event, which continues to be the same, challenges all economic actors at all levels, such as operators or companies, to work together to advocate for a changing Africa that has long followed a very firm innovative entrepreneurial approach. The purpose of the term is to create an ecosystem that can meet current and future challenges.

Given the context of its development marked by the fight against the Kovit-19 epidemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, the eminent speakers on the panels, who have invested in previous editions, will focus for three days on the importance of the digital world and technology. Combining goodwill and creating a synergy with positive effects on humanity.

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Organizers argue that in addition to conferences, B2B meetings, start-ups and partner exhibitions, discussions will focus specifically on the future of the region as a place for reflection and development, agricultural technology, water, climate impact and resilience. The Future of Payments, Banking, Fintech, Pictech & Insurtech, Industrial IoT, Big Data & Supply Chain 4.0, Smart Mining, Smart Port & Smart Society, Territory of Reference: Fixed & Intelligent Change and Metawares Web 3.0 & NFT

According to the organizers, this 5th edition will be a moment to provide elements of responsiveness in designing and deploying strategies to destabilize business leaders and leaders. , England, Germany, Gabon, Senegal, Israel and Rwanda.

The event will be attended by Khalid Safir, Director General of Local Affairs of the Ministry of the Valley and the Interior, Charles Murakesi, an expert at the International Agrarian Institute in Rwanda, Frank Haisa, Transformation Director of Volvo-America, and Shahore Madorin. , Founder of Crumbiz in Israel et al.

In addition to the comprehensive sessions taking place in the city of Nador, a regional caravan will travel across several cities in the Kingdom to inspire young people with a sense of entrepreneurial culture and innovation and technology.

MEET the Lead is available not only for understanding transactions, sharing, networking and inspiration, but also for the digital, Iot, Smart Grid, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet, etc., according to the organizers. Things, development hacking, VR, VA.

It will be a place to showcase the potential of the Oriental region, a place for networking and B2B encounters, but also a place for young people in the region to exchange inspiration and skills.

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