May 29, 2023

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The Security Council holds a closed session in the Sahara

UN Security Council member states are meeting on Wednesday for a presentation by UN Secretary-General for the Sahara Staffan de Mistura and Alexander Ivanko, head of the MINURSO mission.

The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations is expected to report on the memorandum of information on the conflict in the Moroccan Sahara, which will notify the parties involved in the file, including Algeria, which the United Nations considers a party to the conflict. , to sit at the negotiating table (round tables). This is the first meeting for the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General in the Sahara.

Staffan de Mistura would not have succeeded in moving the file towards a solution acceptable to the parties, nor in persuading Algeria to sit at the negotiating table with Polisario and Mauritania. The presentation also comes at a time when the Polisario Front continues to issue fictitious and false “war declarations”, numbering close to a thousand. Needless to say, the separatist front’s fighters could not get close to the defensive wall.

Dr. Said Rekragui, Professor of International Relations at Mohammed V University in Rabat-Akhdal, told Hesperus: ” Although Russia led the work of this conference, Morocco enters the session of the UN Security Council in a strong position in light of the recognition of Morocco by many influential countries of the Sahara.«.

An international trade expert pointed out “Security Council resolutions applaud the autonomy proposal and call for its implementation in the southern regions on the grounds that it is the only viable solution and the most appropriate option to the Saharan conflict.”, specifying that ”Countries like France and the US will not allow Russia alone to take adverse decisions.” For the territorial integrity of Morocco. Regragui added “The United Nations Security Council has recognized that the option of secession is no longer unthinkable and threatens international security, as well as the recent Russo-Algerian rapprochement that cannot harm the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and the national security of the United States.«.

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For his part, Sabri Abdenby, professor of international relations and international law at the Mohammed V Souci University and Aktal Faculty of Law in Rabat, told Hesperus “ All UN Security Council resolutions are also constrained by geostrategic considerations that legitimize Morocco’s 2007 autonomy proposal. ”. Sabri explained, “The US is preparing a UN draft resolution on the Moroccan Sahara. It can only support the Moroccan thesis and support the autonomy plan.