June 6, 2023

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The Seychelles Prison Service is in talks with Morocco

Seychelles is seeking a cooperation agreement with Morocco on penal operations. In this sense, the Seychelles Prison Service has discussed with its Moroccan counterpart. Cooperation agreements are already in place with Mauritius and Tanzania. Besides Morocco, Seychelles is seeking a cooperation agreement with Israel. The two countries held a virtual meeting on August 30, 2022.

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In a statement Seychelles News Agency (SNA), Director of the Seychelles Prisons Service, Raymond St. Ange said the areas of cooperation that will be discussed are areas of improvement for the local prison service. Also, during his visit to the prison headquarters in Israel in early 2020, he observed the officers’ extensive knowledge and training program.

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“The work there is intense, officers face different situations on a daily basis and they have good experience and a sharp platform to operate from. One thing we don’t have here is a solid training ground. In many countries they send their staff to a training prison, but in Seychelles we only have one functioning prison. We have to approach things a little differently to keep our staff safe, especially when they are in training,” added the manager.

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