March 30, 2023

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The UN Special Representative nominates a high-level committee to deal with the crisis

UN Special Representative for Libya, Abdullah is the answerThis February 27 he launched an initiative to overcome the political deadlock in Libya and organize general elections. Inclusive and transparent In 2023, as America already wanted a little earlier.

Senegal made its monthly assessment of the situation in the country and presented its initiative to the United Nations Security Council.

To achieve these elections and pull Libya out of the stalemate, the UN The ambassador explained that it was necessary to bring together all the Libyan actors he had described. related to »: Representatives of political institutions, prominent political figures, tribal leaders, leaders of civil society organizations, women and youth…

According to Abdul Tamili, the role of this high-level committee is to facilitate the legal framework, road map and timetable for holding this year’s referendum. The committee should also come up with a consensus on election security and “ Candidate Code of Conduct “, referring to the ambassador, calling on members of the UN Security Council to support his approach.

Political conflict profiles the next president

FirstCanceling elections scheduled for December 2021, agreement on the legal framework still comes against the profile of the next president. The western Libyan camp denies he is a soldier or dual citizenship, while the eastern camp refuses to exclude anyone.

Marshall’s opponents Khalifa Haftar Fearful of imposing himself on power, he seeks to guarantee these two conditions that he will not assert himself. The Eastern camp, on the other hand, prefers to allow a soldier and bearer of a dual nation to present themselves.

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With persistent deadlock and divisions between Parliament and the Supreme Council of States, Abdule Badili wants to adopt a constitutional framework for elections by this high-level body.

Appointing a new prime minister to organize elections instead has not been ruled outAbdelhamid Dibiba, who is now part of the problem even though he himself is now the Prime Minister. The Eastern camp rejects elections organized under it. Also, Dibeba is in the process of launching his political party to project himself as a presidential candidate.

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