February 4, 2023

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The United Arab Emirates has announced the arrest of the world’s most wanted smuggler

The “world’s most wanted human trafficker” was arrested on Thursday, January 5, in the United Arab Emirates during a police operation with Interpol.

The United Arab Emirates announced on Thursday, January 5, that it had arrested “the world’s most wanted human trafficker” in Sudan during an international police operation with Interpol. The subject of two red notices issued by the police, Gidan Zegarias Haftemariam, is the head of a criminal network that smuggled hundreds of East African migrants seeking to travel to Europe, according to a joint press release from the UAE ministry. Interior and D Interpol.

Arrested in Ethiopia in 2020, the Eritrean national escaped from prison a year later and was sentenced to life in prison, according to the same source. with the help of D InterpolThe UAE has launched an investigation into the criminal network of Gidan Zegarias Haftemariam and illegal financial transactions carried out by his brother, the statement said.

He was arrested on January 1

They succeeded in finding the smuggler in Sudan, where he was arrested on January 1 by local police officers, in cooperation with Emirati authorities, Saïd Abdoullah Al-Souwaidi, a senior official at the UAE Ministry of Interior, announced during a press conference.

“The world’s most wanted human trafficker can no longer carry out his despicable acts,” Abdullah al-Showadi said in a press release. “We have ended one of the most important axes of human trafficking to Europe, which has affected thousands of migrants from Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan via Libya to Europe,” he added.

Stephen Kavanagh, Director of Police Services D Interpol, confirmed that the smuggler was a “most wanted” criminal in the Netherlands, Ethiopia and many other countries. He welcomed in a press release that Emirati, Ethiopian, Dutch and Sudanese officials played a “key role” in the investigation. He added that the arrest of Gidan Zegarias Haftemariam was “proof” of the strength of Interpol’s network and “what countries can achieve when they work together”.

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