March 25, 2023

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The United States has announced new investments in Senegal

# Senegal : US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on Saturday pledged new investments in Senegal, the last leg of his African tour, as a bonus to democracy and stability in the country.

The US diplomat was due to leave Docker on Saturday evening. Blingen said in the Senegalese capital on Saturday that as competition between the United States and China intensifies and trade relations between the two countries increase, there could be broader partnership concessions between Africa and the African and Asian giant.

During his visit to Senegal, Blinken signed billion-dollar agreements with US companies, including a technical agreement for public safety services and a plan to improve traffic with better roads.

He visited the Institute pastor in Docker, where he promised to help Africans prepare their own vaccines.

“It’s a simple fact. We can not succeed without the leadership of African governments, companies and citizens,” Blingen said.

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“The United States is committed to strengthening its partnership across the continent, working for the benefit of the people here (in Africa) and for our own benefit,” he said.

“In the long run, we firmly believe that African countries and institutions need to be considered as key geopolitical pieces,” he added.

In a speech in Nigeria on Friday, Blinken said Africans do not have to choose between their allies, Senegal’s Foreign Minister Isada Dol Sal shared.

“There are no options. There are choices,” he added: “Africa is an opportunity. Our diplomacy is sovereign and does not exclude anyone. But for us. We have traditional friends and historical partners, we are not going out. The old is new.”

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Senegal has been one of the most stable African countries with successful power transitions over the years. But tensions have risen between President Mackie Salou and his opposition, especially during the riots in March following the arrest of an enemy that was rarely seen in this country for many years.

“Senegal has long served as a democratic model in Africa,” Blingen said.

US support for energy change

“Like all democracies, including the United States, we cannot take it as (firmly) purchased, Senegal (firmly) as democratic norms and institutions,” Mr Blingen said.

During an earlier round in Nigeria, Donald Trump’s supporters in the capital, Washington, referred to the January 6 attack by supporters of the then president’s exit, with the aim of changing the outcome of the election that took Joe Biden to the White House. .

Senegal President Mackie Sal, who received him at lunch in Docker on Saturday, showed that he was “a strong leader for democracy”, Blinken said.

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In addition, at the recent COP Summit on Climate Change, President Biden’s insistence on energy change without fossil fuels provoked mixed reactions in the three countries Blinken visited: Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.

The head of US diplomacy has pledged US support for this energy shift.

But as the first leg of the tour in Kenya, anti-environmental attacks were cited, with Nigeria and Senegal counting on fossil fuels to boost their public finances. Tucker is also preparing to join the circle of producing countries.

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Asked if the sun and wind would make way for the rest of the world, Foreign Minister Dahl Sal said: “We do not think that is enough.”

“Today we must accept gas as a traditional energy and we look forward to the support and understanding of the United States,” he said.