March 22, 2023

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The WHO hopes that Covid will end in 2022

WHO Director-General Tetros Adanom Caprais on Monday called for the 2022 “end of the epidemic,” tackling vaccine imbalances and cautions over the holidays.

During a press conference held at the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva, the UN The head of the organization suggested to families and people who want to spend time together at the end of the year: “A canceled event is better than this. One life less”. To protect your loved ones and yourself, it is better to cancel an event, he said. For his part, he said, “the WHO is committed to doing all in its power to end the epidemic in the coming year.”

At a time when the 5th wave of Covit-19 is hitting many countries head-on, as the appearance of the Omigron variant plunges the planet back into a hurry, the WHO leader expressed a wish: “It must be 2022. We are ending the epidemic”. He once again appealed for better access to vaccines in backward countries. “If we want to end the epidemic in the coming year, we must end the (vaccine) inequality by ensuring that 70% of the population in each country is vaccinated by the middle of this year,” Tetros said.

He reiterated that he was not opposed to WHO booster doses, but insisted that they should be reserved for those at risk or over 65 years of age.

The head of the WHO estimates that countries that provide booster doses for adults or children with optimal health should try to share this dose or drown out those who have not been vaccinated.

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