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This Monday, November 22nd, H24info’s press review

Professional Contribution: The tax system is seductive, Noordin Benzouda: “Our country needs public and private sector”, MRE relocations: US and Saudi Arabia destroy Europe, 2024 general census: HCP launches preparations, recruits teachers and executives: unions new terms , Calls for dropping vaccine permits and health permits: Ait Taleb explains … This Monday, November 22, 2021, headlines in the national press:


Professional contribution: The tax system is attractive

Within a year of the single Professional Contribution (CPU) coming into force under the 2021 Finance Act, more than 250,000 people had deliberately registered with the system. This figure is considered encouraging and is likely to increase when compulsory medical insurance comes into effect in January 2022, resulting in the first refund of medical expenses. Some sources estimate that there may be as many as 500,000. However, this figure is misleading because it will continue to appear in the information system of taxpayers and tax administration who at one time sought to register for professional tax (ex-patent). However, there are those who have not been in business for a long time and who are dead in this workforce. Some people register for business tax for the sole purpose of obtaining a visa.

Noordin Benzouda: “Our Country Needs Public and Private Sector”

The Treasurer-General of the State, Nuredin Benzouda, reaffirmed that “beyond the controversy over the role and intervention of the state, our country needs both public and private sector” within the framework of relations marked by co-operation and proper integration. Vision to reduce social and regional inequalities. In an interview with the newspaper, Benjamin assessed that at this stage of the post-Govt economic recovery, the state should play a decisive role, especially with the implementation of the Mohammed VI Fund for Investment. At the heart of this process is the need for the state to act in response to the profound weaknesses of our economy manifested by this epidemic crisis, triggering the necessary structural reforms.

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Today Morocco

MRE transfers: US and Saudi Arabia beat Europe

Despite the high concentration of MRE, the Old Continent is no longer a major player in remittances over 2021. The United States (United States) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are ranked first and second, respectively, in a recent World Bank report. Morocco is one of the countries that sends money to the country from foreign countries. The United States represents 14% of the fund, followed by Saudi Arabia (12%) and France (10%). However, the World Bank report notes that by 2020, due to the health crisis, Moroccan immigrants to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries were likely to return significantly.

A General Census in 2024: Launches HCP Products

The High Commission for Planning (HCP) has begun preparations for conducting the 7th General Census and Housing Census (RGPH) in 2024. HCP notes that “we have begun preparations to conduct the 7th General Census of Population and Housing in 2024, with a view to pursuing this major national initiative every 10 years, in line with the recommendations of the United Nations.” HCP made the necessary arrangements for the technical and logistics operations to carry out the mapping work and HCP


Recruitment of teachers and administrators: Trade unions call for dropping new conditions imposed by the Ministry of Supervision

The three most representative unions in the education sector condemn the recent decisions of the National Ministry of Education regarding the methods of hiring teachers and administrators. The general secretaries of the three organizations, the National Association of Education, the National Association for Education and the Autonomous Federation, said the results would be on the agenda for the next meeting with ministers on Tuesday, November 23. Education. All three companies are calling on the Ministry of Supervision to drop the new conditions imposed on access to the recruitment competition, especially for teachers.

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Vaccine Pass and Health Pass: Ait Taleb Explains Himself, Controversy Continues

Following the vaccine pass’s obligation to access public spaces, the administrator has taken a new step in its prevention system against the spread of Govt-19 by setting up a health pass that includes all health information of its holder. This change should not have a significant impact on the daily lives of the Moroccan people because the vaccine is not circulating freely in the kingdom. On the other hand, it will be an easier task for people who want to leave the national territory because the results of PCR tests will now be included in the health pass.

Al Massey

The Ministry of Health raises awareness on the proper use of antibiotics

During World Week for Good Use of Antimicrobials (18- November 24), the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is leading an awareness campaign on preventive measures against an increase in antimicrobial resistance (AMR). “In Morocco, the consumption of antibiotics is increasing significantly,” the ministry said in a statement, citing a study conducted between 2003 and 2012. Tetracyclines and macrolides. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is using this week to raise awareness about this topic through communication and information activities for the benefit of health professionals.

Further rise in fuel prices

Again, fuel prices in Morocco rose over the weekend, topping the 10 DH / l for diesel and 12 DH / l for petrol. In this context, petrol station owners have demanded that the government intervene to take urgent action to maintain price stability in order to protect the purchasing power of consumers, blaming the recurring price hike. The National Federation of Moroccan Service Station Owners, Traders and Managers, in a statement, justified the rise in Moroccan fuel prices, which depend on fluctuations in international markets, saying the kingdom is a non-oil producing country. Are imported.

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