March 30, 2023

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To discredit Moroccan institutions, anti-Semitic Tunia Filali quotes a notoriously convicted thug – Barlaman.


In his latest slanderous video, Dounia Filali, a former drug smuggler and bank robber, Gérard Fauré, has been jailed for a dozen years for supporting his views.

Anti-Semitic Downia Filali, suspect (with her husband) “Inciting racial hatred”, You will now know that the procedure for obtaining refugee status has been compromised. In her latest defamation video posted on her YouTube channel, Tunia Filali, in support of her allegations, cites the allegations of former drug smuggler and bank robber Gerrard Farrell as a criminal and a notorious robber. A desperate smoke-extinguishing attempt led by both Ali Lmrapet and Zakaria Maumni.

Half a dozen photos of this rebel and her husband “Cunelle” Spread on social networks, but violently anti-Semitic and basically anti-French ideas. They even killed China, where they stayed from 2017 to 2021 “There is no freedom of expression.”

The “Cunelle” (Hand stretched down and leaning opposite arm over shoulder) Defendant was popularized by Dutton, repeatedly denounced for hateful statements, but glorified in the couple’s various media interventions. Many international anti-Semitic groups are demanding that the couple be denied entry into France and that they be barred from actually staying in the country. The pair, in fact, could be used for the removal operation from French territory.

Submitting a cheating couple request “Stay in France for asylum” A divinity that will crumble in the course of time. French law provides grounds for refusing to issue a residence permit: for example, cases in which the presence of a foreigner poses a serious threat to public order, whether the application is a deliberate fraud or a false appeal to asylum procedures, or cases of citizens of so-called foreign countries “Safe look”. However, Morocco is a country “Surely”, According to France.

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Tonia Filali and her husband are actually seeking refuge in France when they are only refugees “Economic” Those who try to deceive the awareness of the authorities. Their document is currently undergoing a long and complicated selection process, which undoubtedly shows that they are far from it. “Political refugees”. Thanks to the full use of verification techniques (special security officers, investigations, document expertise, in-depth interviews, etc.), Ofpra will avoid being misled by acknowledging these cover-ups.