March 22, 2023

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Tough change in Sudan: The military feels the barrier among civilians

Since September 21 and the failed coup attempt, the military in power has stepped up attacks on civilian government. Speaking at a troop meeting on Monday, General al-Burhan said Sudan was the only reliable force to defend change.
For their part, the public considers that the military is trying to sabotage all efforts for reform. They call for a complete overhaul of the security forces and accuse the generals of disrespecting the constitutional document signed in August 2019.
The problem is that this war of words is taking place in the context of a crisis in the east of the country. In Port Sudan, hundreds of Beja protesters have been blocking port facilities for nearly a month. More imports, more exports, a situation that exacerbates the already daily shortage. On Monday, in Khartoum, there was no bread in the bakeries because the wheat stock was sold.
The Sudanese change may go awry. These are the worrisome words of UNITAMS representative Volker Berthes, who is a UN envoy to Sudan. UN mediators hope the coming weeks will be decisive.

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