June 6, 2023

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Towards a solution to end the political crisis?

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Sudan remains volatile with renewed popular protests against the junta in power since October 2021. Protests were suppressed by the police on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the process Framework Agreement The UN mission, set up by the African Union and ICAO, is taking its course to make a difference.

UN Special Representative for Sudan, Volker Berthes He told himself this week optimistic “. to say that “ Phase end The political process leading to the formation of an interim civilian government began this week. The military, particularly their leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, actually said in December 2022 I agree to delegate authority At the end of this process, you should work under the authority of the public. It is now marked as signature” Immediate “, within a few weeks.

More dangers

However, the regular, vague announcements and the flamboyant independence of the regime’s No. 2, General Hemety, leave room for doubt. Important armed groups, signatories to an agreement with Khartoum during the fall of Omar al-Bashir’s regime in 2019, and some to support General al-Burhan’s coup in October 2021, have refused to join the process. . Finally, the Violence in DarfurSimilarly, the question of special status for Eastern Sudan cannot yet be resolved in the current situation.

As for the popular protest groups, the pioneers of street mobilization are not weakened, they still reject any agreement with the soldiers they call. Criminals ».

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