January 27, 2023

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Tragedy and shock in Senegal after 11 children died in hospital

LThe tragedy in Devon (West) due to a short circuit according to initial reports is the latest in highlighting the shortcomings of the health system in this poor country. This prompted modernization promises and prompted inquiries from officials, and called for a resignation from public opinion and opposition.

President Mackie Soul has announced that national mourning will be observed for the first three days of this Thursday.

“God made the best decision”

Mame Abdou Aziz Sy Dabakh In front of the hospital, a mother stands up and calls “Physical pain” According to his father. “God made the best decision”The individual responded that he was immediately picked up by his father, Allion Diof, a 54-year-old driver. “You should not tell him that.”Allion scolds Duff and his wife collapses.

Mohammed, who was baptized on Monday, is the couple’s second child. His mother went back and forth between home and hospital to breastfeed him. His father had come to fetch the medicine on Wednesday. “The beds looked good to me”, He recalled. The media warned him.

The level of oversight of this institution, which has a relatively moderate size and algorithm, remains unclear. In the neonatal neonatal unit, probably in the same room, 11 or more were collected, according to sources. Evidence cited by the press release was that the flames spread rapidly around 9pm (local and GMT) on the floor of a building and burst into cylinders promoting intervention.

People are angry

There was a fire accident “Short circuit, fire spreads fast”, Said Mayor Temba Diop. Witnesses and the mayor pointed out that several children had been rescued from the fire. But eleven people did not survive, according to officials.

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The president, who is traveling abroad, mentioned in his Twitter post “Pain and (his) bewilderment”And sent his Interior Minister Antoine Diome.

“The president has instructed us to open an investigation. He asked us about the need for equipment for newborn care services at Tivaouane here and at all hospitals in the country.Diom said.

But anger erupted outside the hospital over a small group of anonymous women. “This is negligence. Leaving the children unattended and saying ‘God willing’ … even if a mother goes to the bathroom, she takes the precaution of handing over her baby to someone.”One of them sighed and called out to a man about fifty years old “Divine Will”.

Tivaouane, with a population of about 40,000, is the stronghold of the Tidianes, one of the most important Muslim fraternities in Senegal, playing an essential social role.

“Drama is predictable”

Didians Caliph, Serigne Babakar Sai Mansour, lamented the condition of the hospital several months ago. Play “Dilapidated condition was predictable due to misunderstanding”, His nephew Serikne Zak Didiyan Sai al-Amin wrote in a forum. He condemned the hospital’s broken promises to uplift the medical plateau while serving hundreds of thousands of people.

“I hope this time sanctions will hit the peak of the overall failed system.”

Abdul Mabe, former Prime Minister

These are the grievances that have been frequently heard in recent months after a series of tragic events. In 2021, four newborns died in a fire at a maternity hospital in Linguaur (North).

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Le 1There is In April, in the thirties, Astu Chokna, nine months pregnant, died at a public hospital in Luca (north) after suffering from severe pain and waiting in vain for about twenty hours for a caesarean section. For.

“I hope this time sanctions will hit the peak of the overall failed system.”Former Prime Minister Abdul Embay tweeted.

“Highly burned children in the general hospital. This is unacceptable, Maggie. “An opposition deputy, Mamadou Lamine Diallo tweeted.

World Health Organization President Tetros Adanom Capreius said “Better than a broken heart”.