May 30, 2023

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Tunisia appoints ambassador to Syria after full resumption of diplomatic ties


Tunisia appointed an ambassador to Syria on Thursday, April 27, after the two countries decided to fully restore their diplomatic ties. The new ambassador, diplomat Mohammad Madabi, was presented with his credentials by President Qaiz Syed during a ceremony at the Carthage Palace.

Syria and Tunisia announced on April 12 the full restoration of their diplomatic relations, a step toward Syria’s reintegration into the Arab region. The two countries cut diplomatic ties in 2012 following the outbreak of war in Syria.

Syrian embassy reopened

The announcement appears to have many Arab states in favor of Syria’s rejoining the Arab League, from which it was expelled at the end of 2011. The Tunisian president asked his foreign minister on April 3. Procedures for appointing an ambassador to Damascus.

In response to this effort, the Syrian government has decided to reopen the Syrian embassy in Tunisia and appoint an ambassador there soon. Tunis expelled the Syrian ambassador in 2012, protesting the Syrian government’s bloody crackdown on its enemies at the beginning of the war. Severing ties was strongly criticized by the Tunisian opposition at the time.

In 2015, Tunisia took a step towards restoring diplomatic relations by appointing a diplomatic representative to Damascus.Follow alongยป The situation of Tunisians in Syria. Syria did the same. After years of neglect, Arab countries have recently expressed their willingness to draw closer to Damascus, especially after the earthquake in Syria in early February, when countries in the region such as the United Arab Emirates stepped up their ties and sent aid.

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