April 1, 2023

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Tunisia. Law school deans are distancing themselves from the proposed new constitution

The deans of the faculties of law and law and political sciences announced in a press release issued this Tuesday, May 24, 2022, that they would reject their appointment to the National Advisory Council formed by the new President. Republic, Guys Syed.

The deans said they were honored by the President’s trust in them, but underscored their firm desire to ensure the neutrality of university institutions and the need to exclude them from political affairs.

Néji Baccouche, a constitutional expert and director of the Center for Tax Studies, confirmed the credibility of the news release to Business News, which was widely shared on the Internet.

Note that the Presidential Decree on Friday, May 20 formalized the formation of the New Republican National Advisory Council.

Divided into three structures – the National Dialogue Committee, consisting of representatives from UGTT, Utica, UTAP, UNFT and LTDH, an Economic and Social Affairs Advisory Committee, a Legal Advisory Committee consisting of the Deans of the Faculties of Law, Legal and Political Sciences, and a senior member of the Chair and members of the previous two committees. And the Coordinating Chairman of the National Advisory Council, chaired by Dean Satok Peloid – this commission is to be presented at the request of the President. Republic – The draft constitution of the new republic in accordance with the principles and objectives of Article 22 of Order 117, and the results of the national consultation initiated by Carthage’s tenant.

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