March 30, 2023

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Tunisia: Syed Syed exposes assassinations and conspiracies with foreign agents

Tunisian President Guiz Syed has said that some parties in Tunisia are working with foreign agents to assassinate senior officials in the country.

During a cabinet meeting on Thursday, the Tunisian head of state issued a series of extraordinary statements expressing his knowledge of assassination attempts targeting senior Tunisian officials.

According to him, if the Tunisian interior minister had testified, he would have received a phone call stating a plot to assassinate him, even with a planned date.

The president did not name anyone, and did not say how or under what circumstances he was able to access the phone.

“Tunisians must be wary of what some traitors are doing, and of selling their consciences to foreign intelligence agencies in an attempt to assassinate many officials,” he declared in a solemn tone to the cabinet.

“Life is not important to us, but it is important that we live up to the trust people have given us,” he said.

“We know what he’s doing, whether it’s inside or outside,” Guys Syed added.

Further, while speaking to the Home Minister, he confirmed that he was aware of a telephone contact indicating the day of the planned assassination.

A few months ago, according to the Tunisian media, Gais Syed himself was allegedly targeted in an assassination attempt.

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