April 1, 2023

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Tunisia: The formation of the new government will be announced “in the coming days” (President

According to the President of Tunisia, the structure of the new government will be announced in the coming days, Tunisian President Gosseid announced.

The Tunisian head of state released the statement during an interview with the newly appointed head of state Najla Bhutan, who briefed him on the process of creating the new executive, the Tunisian president said in a statement.

On September 29, Mr. Saeed instructed Ms Najla Bhutan to form a government in Tunisia, two months after the implementation of Article 80 of the Constitution, in case of immediate danger, the President may take the necessary measures through an emergency.

As a result of these exceptional actions, the government suspended the head of state, Hichem Mechichi, and suspended the activities of the parliament. And its members.

On September 22, he issued a presidential decree under which the preamble of the constitution and all constitutional provisions that do not preclude these exceptional measures are in effect.

It was also decided to repeal the provisional provision for constitutional control of bills.

Within the framework of this mandate, the President is responsible for preparing draft amendments relating to constitutional reforms, which will be created by presidential decree with the assistance of a commission.

With regard to legislative power, this order provides for the publication of speeches in the form of legal orders by the President of the Republic after the Cabinet meeting.

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