March 30, 2023

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Turkey wants to capture the berry market –

The harvest of Turkish berries was significantly delayed due to the weather.

Although the main focus at the moment is on the local market, low domestic market prices are forcing Turkish producers to look at export opportunities, as prices are much better in the international market.

According to Turgut Aysan, Chairman of the Board of Turkish berry producer Safir Berries, New Plaza, The berry harvest in Turkey is significantly delayed this season.

“Because of the weather we had during the winter, we had a very concentrated crop this year. It snowed in Antalya for more than 30 years, and there were hail, storms and frost throughout the winter and spring. All this delayed the harvest by more than four weeks, with Antalya farmers starting to pick in May instead of late March or early April. Farmers in mid-cooling zones started harvesting in June, a few weeks after Antalya and farmers in high-cooling zones started picking in June. The last harvest is almost over. »

Most of the Turkish production is consumed mainly in the local market, the average price of producers is 5 to 6 euros per kilo. Due to the increase in production volume and concentration of harvest, prices were significantly lower compared to previous years, prompting producers to focus on exports to alternative markets, particularly Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai.

So watch out for Turkey, which is currently not interested in Europe, but could prove to be a major contender in the future in this segment.