March 22, 2023

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Turkish offensive in northern Syria: Idlib war for liberation sounds …

In the north of Syria, violent clashes still continue with Turkish-stopped mercenaries and pro-Syrian forces guarding access to Kamishli. Evidence of Syrian opposition pointed to the Russian agency Novosti, insisting that “in response to Ankara’s orders, armed groups affiliated with Turkey were mobilized in preparation for war.” In this regard, the Armed Forces were divided into Idlib province and some villages in the countryside of the cities of Maria and Assas, near the Menok military airport near the city of Manbij to launch operations in several directions. As well as on the borders of Kamishli and al-Hassaka “.
According to the source, “Syrian opposition parties backed by Ankara are preparing to launch two military operations simultaneously, one in support of the armed groups in the Idlib governorate and the other in the north-east of the country.” The same source said the move could be triggered “at any time”.
At the same time, it should be emphasized that Russian bombers have increased their attacks in recent days against pro-Turkish militants and the positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sam in Aleppo, Idlib and Hama provinces. The last test took place on Wednesday evening, October 27, in retaliation for the bombing of several places and villages in the northern province of Aleppo. It targeted the headquarters of Brigade-23, located on Mount Jandarisa, south of the city of Ephraim in the northern province of Idleb. Several media outlets reported that the headquarters had been completely destroyed.
The region was occupied by pro-Turkish militants who, at the end of a Turkish-led military offensive, occupied a baptized olive branch. During the day, the militants shelled Gord missiles at Hariden, Naupole, al-Zahra, Bayon and Hayan, north of Aleppo.
Russian planes bombed HTC / HTS stations near the villages of Attamat, al-Ka and Salvat, far from the Turkish border in northern Idlib. HTC’s operating room, al-Fat al-Moubain, for its part, claimed responsibility for the shelling of Syrian military positions south and east of Idleb.
On Tuesday, October 26, a Russian plane bombed Dash bases in Hama’s eastern Badia and Rassafe Badia in Raqqa province. 5 aircraft underwent thirty tests. Activities last weekend. In fact, on Sunday, October 24, Russian aviation targeted parts of the province of Idleb in northwestern Syria. It was about 3 airstrikes in the Jisr al-Sokur area west of Idlib. At the same time, the Syrian air force bombed two parts of Sahl al-Qabi in the western province of Hama. On Saturday, October 23, Russian airstrikes targeted militant groups in the Jabal al-Javiyat area south of Idlib.
The Russians are in force in Kamichli
It should also be noted that Russian warplanes landed for the first time at Kamichli International Airport on Wednesday night, October 27th. This is the first time Russian warplanes have been grounded at the airport in northeastern Syria since Russia’s intervention in the Syrian conflict in 2015, according to the Jesse Press news site.
In the past, used aircraft, Mi-17 and Mi-25 type helicopters and air defense were located at this airport located north of Hassaké and under the control of the regular Syrian army.
According to the site, it will be four Sukhoi-27s, capable of “repelling all types of fighter jets, helicopters and drones”.
The Lebanese news television site Al-Mayadeen reported on a plane that landed at Kamisli airport, which carried out several spy planes in the region’s skies, while helicopters landed. Russia plans to expand its military presence in eastern Syria, and the same source says the airport could become a Russian base.
Two areas west of Deir ez-Zor and east of Raqqa are the most visible sights of Russian patrols. A military contingent could be seen returning from the al-Salihiat area in Deir Ezzor province to the area occupied by Kurdish militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Following bilateral cooperation, Russian military entry into the two provinces was taken over by the SDF. Russia’s role in the region is part of an expansion in fear of US retreat. There also appears to be an intention to prevent Turkey from launching a military offensive there.
According to Bloomberg and Sanaa agencies, citing their sources, Turkey is preparing an offensive against the Kurds in Idlib, the governor of West Syria.
The official Syrian agency announced that “more than 200 vehicles of the Turkish occupation forces with weapons, ammunition and ammunition” had entered the northwestern part of the governorate on the night of Tuesday 26 to Wednesday, October 27. According to the agency, the aim is to “strengthen their points of occupation, provide support to terrorist networks affiliated with the Turkish regime, and carry out anti – Syrian plans in areas where they are stationed.”
Bloomberg, for its part, says Turkey has deployed hundreds of additional troops in northern Syria for a long-running offensive against US-backed Kurdish forces.
On Tuesday, October 26, the Turkish parliament renewed its authorization by Dash and Ankara to authorize the government to carry out “cross-border” military operations in Iraq and Syria against any organization considered “terrorist.”

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