March 30, 2023

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Two days after Elizabeth II’s death, Charles III was officially proclaimed king

Two days after Elizabeth II’s death, Charles III was officially proclaimed king

The proclamation will be read from the balcony of St James’s Palace in London: Charles will be officially crowned king on Saturday morning, two days after the death of Elizabeth II, which opened a period of national mourning in the United Kingdom.

Gradually, with great reverence and respect for the millimeters of etiquette and tradition, Charles III established himself as head of state.

On Friday evening, for the first time in 70 years, the male version of the British national anthem “May God the King” was sung at the end of the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Elizabeth II. It replaces the anthem “God Save the Queen” from the late sovereign’s accession to the throne in 1952.

Earlier, from Buckingham Palace, Charles III gave his first televised speech as sovereign, in a recorded address in which he paid moving tribute to his “dear mother” Elizabeth II, who died at 96. 70 years and 7 months into her reign. He called Elizabeth II an “inspiration and example” to him and his family.

As her mother Elizabeth II did on her 21st birthday, she has pledged to serve the British for the rest of her life. “God will enable me, as the Queen has done with unswerving devotion, now, and for all the rest of time, to uphold the constitutional principles which lie at the heart of our nation,” he declared calmly and confidently. Tone.

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On Saturday morning, the Council of Accessions, a group of dignitaries, will meet at St James’s Palace in London to declare Charles as king. The proclamation will be read on the balcony of St James’s Palace and then carried in a carriage by the King of Arms and half a dozen heralds of the Order of the Garter.

Parliament will then take an oath and offer condolences. In the afternoon, the new king will receive the prime minister and key ministers.

Charles III ascends the throne at a difficult time, with the United Kingdom facing its worst economic crisis in 40 years and four prime ministers succeeding in six years.

At 73, he was the oldest British monarch at the start of his reign.

Charles III was infinitely more famous than his mother, who knew how to maintain the dignity of the monarchy, giving no interviews and keeping his opinions to himself.

But the new king received a standing ovation when he arrived in Buckingham on Friday afternoon after returning from Scotland. Along with his wife, Camille, who became queen consort, he shook hands with dozens of people pressed against barriers in front of the palace.

Thousands of people have flocked to lay flowers and pay tribute to Elizabeth II since her death was announced.

“Our sympathies to all,” “God bless you,” “I wish you well,” the crowd hurled at him.

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Elizabeth II died “peacefully” at her Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday, with her son Charles and daughter Anne by her side. His other two sons, Andrew and Edwards, and Prince William, now heir to the crown, followed only Prince Harry after death.

The royal mourning – which will include members of the royal family, staff and representatives of the royal family – will last for seven days after the queen’s funeral, the date of which has not been confirmed, the monarch has announced.

Royal residences remain closed and flags are flown at half-mast until the funeral is over.

National mourning, mandated by the government, must last until the day of his funeral. The Queen will be buried privately in the chapel at Windsor Castle.

Thousands of Britons, some in tears, wept outside Buckingham Palace, Windsor and Balmoral in northern Scotland.

“I wanted to be here today… it’s so powerful to be here together with so many people to show how much we respect her. She’s done so much for this country and it wouldn’t exist without her,” said David Wren, 42, who biked to Windsor from London.

A portrait of Elizabeth II adorns London bus stops, replaces advertisements and obituary books have been opened in some churches, as well as online on the royal family’s official website.

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