April 1, 2023

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Uganda: Schools that closed after nearly two years are reopening

# In other countries : About 15 million Ugandan youth returned to school on Monday after schools reopened and closed for nearly two years due to a corona virus infection.

Ugandan Education Minister John Muyingo says all students will resume more than one class from where they left off in March 2020 when the Govt epidemic spread around the world.

Strict regulations have been put in place in all schools across the country to ensure that children return to class safely., Minister AFP said.

Special attention will be paid to ensure that private schools do not charge higher tuition fees than those charged before closing, he said.

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Many child rights organizations have condemned the closure of these 83-week schools, the longest in the world. This should never happen again. Schools should be kept open to all children everywhere, UNICEF, the United Nations agency for children, said on Twitter.

Save the Children, a non-profit organization, condemned delays in school curriculum by children and warned that there could be many children who do not return to school without the intervention of authorities in support of teachers. A total of 153,762 Govt-19 cases have been reported for 3,339 deaths in Uganda, according to official figures as of January 7.

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