March 30, 2023

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Ukraine: Kiev attacked during UN chief’s visit, bombed under eastern and southern bombs

Ukraine: Kiev attacked during UN chief’s visit, bombed under eastern and southern bombs

Russia continued its offensive in eastern and southern Ukraine on Friday, the day after Russian missiles were fired at the capital, Kiev, amid the arrival of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The bombings in Q were the first since mid-April, when the UN chief on Thursday called on Moscow to “cooperate” with Bautista and other suburbs – theaters of abuse perpetrated by Ukrainian forces on Russian forces. International Criminal Court’s inquiry into possible war crimes.

“In the evening, the enemy opened fire on Kiev.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, “five missiles” landed in Kiev. “It says a lot about Russia’s genuine attitude towards international organizations, Russian leaders’ attempts to humiliate the UN, and all that the organization stands for,” Zelensky commented in a video.

AFP reporters saw a floor of the building on fire, along with several police and rescue workers. Ten people were injured in the missile attack, the emergency services said.

Mr. Guterres was “shocked” but United Nations spokesman Saviano Abrew assured that he was “safe” and regretted that “this happened near where we were”, although it was a “war zone”.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba described the rockets as anti-ship missiles, calling it a “brutal act” and called on Andriï Yermak, the head of the presidential administration, to seize Russia’s veto rights at the UN. Security Council.

A few hours ago, Joe Biden reaffirmed his country’s support for Ukraine in the face of “atrocities and aggression” and asked Congress to extend $ 33 billion. The U.S. president promised that the United States would not “attack” Russia but would “help Ukraine defend itself.”

Arrived in Ukraine on Thursday, where he is going for the first time since the beginning of the conflict, Mr. Mr. Guterres. He spoke with Gelensky and expressed regret that the Security Council had failed to prevent and stop the war launched by Moscow on February 24.

– Disaster –

During the two-month-long invasion, Ukrainian prosecutor General Irina Venedikova told German media Deutsche Welle that “more than 8,000 cases” had been identified by alleged war crimes detected by Ukrainian investigators. “Ten soldiers of the Russian 35th Army, 64th Russian Motorized Rifle Regiment, have been charged with war crimes in Potsdam,” his services said.

On April 2, in Boutcha, AFP journalists found a street full of the bodies of men in civilian clothes. Following a visit to the city on April 9, the United Nations said it had documented the “murders, some of which were briefly executed,” of 50 civilians. In early April Russia denied any responsibility and talked about “stage” bodies.

The United Nations coordinator in Ukraine also announced its departure for southern Ukraine to prepare for an attempt to evacuate the besieged and devastated port city of Mariupol, which was almost entirely controlled by Russian forces.

The UN is doing “everything” to evict the “Apocalypse” civilians in the city, Mr. Guterres promised that it was “a crisis in crisis” and that “thousands of civilians are needed.” Key help “.

In Mariupol, the Azov Battalion Telegram reported that a military hospital located in the vast Azovstal metallurgical complex where Ukrainian militants were buried had been bombed overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. The operating room collapsed and soldiers treated there died and others were injured, Azov said.

– “Very difficult situation” –

Mr. With Guterres’ visit to Kyiv, the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine, where Russian attacks have been concentrated, have been engulfed in bombs.

“The enemy is intensifying its attack. The occupiers are carrying out strikes in practically all directions “, especially in the Kharkiv and Donbass areas, where Ukrainian civil servants have underscored the intensification. According to him, the Russian military is trying to prevent the transfer of Ukrainian forces from north to east.

Five people were killed Thursday in bombings in the city and its territory, according to Kharkiv Governor Oleg Sinekopov. Russian troops trying to advance from the Izium to “Brazhkivka, Dovhenky and Velyka Komyshuvakha” suffered “heavy losses and were forced to retreat,” he promised in a telegram.

In Donbass, Lyman, Andriï Pankov, head of Gramadorsk’s administration, told AFP that “the situation is very difficult and the whole city is surrounded.” According to him, almost half of the municipal area is occupied by Russian tanks and columns, the Isiom, coming from the north, was previously captured.

“We do not know what the situation will be tomorrow morning,” said Oleksiï Migrine, the region’s relief chief.

The Russian military, for its part, carried out airstrikes on 67 Ukrainian military bases in the Kharkiv region on Wednesday night, claiming to have destroyed two weapons and ammunition depots with “high-precision missiles.”

In Kherson, the only large city that the Russians have fully controlled since the beginning of their invasion, the Russian local government said on Thursday that it would like to introduce the ruble instead of the Ukrainian hryvnia from May 1. The UN Charter condemned Lyotmila Denisova, who is in charge of human rights in the Ukrainian parliament, for “an act of aggression and a grave violation by Russia”.

Meanwhile, an adviser to the Ukrainian president has pointed out that Kiev could attack military targets in Russia. “Ukraine will defend itself in all possible ways, including attacks on warehouses and sites of Russian killers. The world recognizes this right,” Mikhail Botoliyak wrote on Twitter.

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