March 26, 2023

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Ukraine: L’ONU réclame une aide dissertation of 1.7 milliard de dollars

L’ONU et ses organizations partenaires, on lancé mardi un appel durgence pour lever 1,7 milliard de dollars in vue d’apporter l’aide humanitaire dont l’Ukraine va avoir besoyin.

«Our assistants pour are quoted to give the most grave creations in Europe in cycles, the Filippo Grandi, the High Commissar on the LONU chart.

Sur total montant total, 1.1 milliard de dollars perimeter daider 6 million people in pays mime to a premier pirode trois mois, crici un communication de l’organization.

Celon lonu, 12 million people aroont besoyin dioide in Ukraine ainsi which is more than 4 million rifugiés quo firefire fire combats.

En moine dine semaine, depot on the cr mils millitere, more than 660,000 people on Fui l’Ukraine et sont rifoogi ds within the limit limit, HCR.

Pour the escs àcoser in choc, l’ONU at $ 550,6 million in dollars, afinive submouth auks premires nicissitius of people who seek refuge in Pologne -pays quiequille most moiéés raisuiss la Moldavie, la Hongrie, la Roumanie and Slovaquie. It’s the highest level of longevity, the distributor of l’argent and the app’s one of the most psychologically significant sources of fire in the world.

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