April 1, 2023

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Ukrainian organization freezes: P. Poroshenko prevented from leaving the country

On Saturday, May 28, P. Boroshenko, a rival of Ukraine’s current leader Volodymyr Zhelensky, announced that he had refused to leave the country for a trip to Lithuania. He breaks a decision “Political Ceasefire” In full Russian military operation.

P. Boroshenko, President of Ukraine from 2014 to 2019, was supported by the West after the Maidan coup and is today the leader of the party. European unityIs the second largest party in parliament and against V. Zelensky.

According to his press service, P. Poroshenko “Ukraine refused to cross the border” He attended a NATO parliamentary meeting in Vilnius “All formal permits to leave the country” Permanent member of the Ukrainian delegation. Former President Vilnius will also meet with Lithuanian President Kidanas Nousada and a delegation from the Lithuanian and European Parliament. He was then scheduled to travel to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to attend a summit uniting European parties.

“With this decision, there is a risk that the authorities will break the wartime ‘political ceasefire’ with the opposition forces, one of the pillars of national unity, in the face of Russian occupation.” Said back to his press service. The uprisings in Ukrainian politics were halted after the Russian invasion, and most political forces united in the defense of the country. Eleven political parties allegedly affiliated with Russia have suspended their activities for the duration of the country’s martial law. The most important of these parties For stage-life Opposition leader Viktor Medvetsk won 44 of the 450 seats in the Ukrainian parliament Rada.