March 22, 2023

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UN: For the Global Biodiversity Framework

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for a global biodiversity framework with clear and measurable goals and robust implementation mechanisms.

In a statement issued on the eve of the International Day for Biological Diversity, which is celebrated every year on May 22, Guterres said that this year’s governments will unite the global biodiversity framework for 2020 with clear and measurable goals and robust mechanisms. Procedure for setting the stage for biodiversity recovery by 2030.

“This framework helps to overcome the causes of biodiversity loss and paves the way for the profound and ambitious changes necessary to live in harmony with nature,” he said.

It is about effectively protecting the world’s land, freshwater and oceans, promoting sustainable consumption and production, choosing natural-based solutions to combat climate change, and staying away from activities that are harmful to the environment.

For the UN President, this global framework should mobilize energy and financial resources to encourage concrete investment in favor of nature so that “we can all benefit from the benefits of biodiversity”.

He stressed the importance of biodiversity in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, ending the existential threat of climate change, stopping land degradation, improving food security and supporting improvements in human health. “It also provides ready-made solutions for green and inclusive growth,” he said.

“In order to ensure a sustainable future for all, we must act urgently to protect biodiversity – this vital fabric that binds us together and on which we all depend,” he concluded.