March 30, 2023

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UN Security Council renews petition for three months


Russia has demanded the appointment of a special envoy before agreeing to a one-year extension. The Security Council is still embroiled in controversy over the file.

Manuel’s current order in Libya ended on April 30, but for the fourth time, it was extended for only three months because a new special envoy had not been appointed. This is a prerequisite for Moscow to extend the mission to one year.

Since the resignation of the final special envoy Kazan Salameh in March 2020, there has been no prior unity in the Libyan file. Washington has opposed a number of nominations, including the Algerian Ramdane Lamamra or Ghana Hanna Tete.

In January 2021, Jan Gopis was accepted, but he resigned nine months later and shortly before the scheduled presidential and assembly election date in December. In the end the election did not take place.

U.S. Ambassador Stephanie Williams, who is in second place on the mission, first served as acting special envoy and later as special adviser to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. A character who does not give him the same specialties and slows down his efforts.

The UN has called for elections to be held to bring the country out of an interim period that has lasted since 2011. Works through his mission. No new polling date has been determined to date.

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