May 30, 2023

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Unions reaffirm rejection of two bills that threaten freedom of association

Algerian trade unions have reaffirmed their rejection of the exercise of the right to organize, two bills on the prevention of social conflicts and the right to strike that threaten trade union freedom in the country.

“Despite the rejection of independent trade unions of various sectors, we strongly condemn the policy of execution of trust, especially with regard to the approval by Parliament of the draft law on trade union practice with both its houses,” the 27 organizations condemned. , in a press release. The joint statement was broadcast by local media.

The independent unions say they are determined to continue their “struggle” for the “revision of two texts” related to the already accepted trade union procedure, the law on prevention and settlement of collective labor disputes. The right to strike is currently under review in Parliament “through all legal means”.

The Federation of Algerian Health Trade Unions (FNSS) considers these bills “a threat to the sustainability of trade union activity in Algeria, fundamental freedoms and rights at work and a clear setback compared to the achievements of trade unions in the struggle”.

The federation found “articles contrary to the Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) recognized by Algeria”.

At the end of January, 31 independent unions of the Algerian public service, all sectors, united in a joint declaration demanding the withdrawal of the two texts prepared by the government and approved by the Council of Ministers before being sent to the People’s Assembly. Review and Vote National (APN).

“At a time when trade unions are waiting for progress in improving rights and freedoms and strengthening social dialogue, they were surprised by the content of these two proposals, which represent a step back in the achievements of the world of work. ” , which refer to the signatories.

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According to the same document, both texts are “unconstitutional and do not comply with international conventions recognized by Algeria”.