March 30, 2023

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UNTM, close to PJD Islamists, mobilizes hundreds against high cost of living – Jean Afrique

After several demonstrations against price hikes in Rabat and other Moroccan cities during the week, the National Union of Workers in Morocco (UNTM), near Justice and Development Party Islamists (PJD, the opposition party), this Sunday, October 23, gathered several hundred demonstrators in front of the parliament, in the center of Rabat, as a sign of discontent against the increase in the cost of living. Social will grow

This is the first time that PJD supporters have taken to the streets Since the electoral defeat of this party in the September 2021 assembly electionsIndustrialist Aziz Akannooch’s Liberal Party won.

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“Prices are rising, the government is sleeping,” chanted the activists, almost all dressed in jumpers and orange hats, the union’s colour. “Fuel prices will skyrocket…we demand fairness and tax justice,” read placards and asked the crowd. “This government has been in place for a year but has yet to take practical steps to curb price hikes,” said a trade unionist.

Food inflation of nearly 15%

Social unrest in Morocco is growing against a backdrop of The rise in inflation was fueled by rising global commodity prices and sluggish growth. Consumer Price Index no The country grew by 8.3% in SeptemberThe working classes are severely penalized due to the increase in food prices (+14.7%).

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Dissatisfaction was particularly aimed at Aziz Akhannouch, the head of the government, who made his fortune in fuel distribution and is accused by his opponents of profiting from the explosion in pump prices.

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In a recent note on social inequalities, the High Commission for Planning (HCP) noted that the Covid-19 pandemic has returned to “2014 levels of poverty and vulnerability”. of Inflation.

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