March 22, 2023

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Unusual – In Israel, a farm grows the first “kosher-certified” medical cannabis

Experiment. In Israel, not far from Tel Aviv, a woman is growing “kosher certified (halal) medical cannabis.

The plantation that supplies “kosher cannabis” is located in the city of Givat Hen in central Israel and covers an area of ​​nearly one and a half hectares, reported Thursday.

The woman was previously content with selling cannabis flowers, her business has evolved and now she grows hundreds of plants for religious people in Israel.

+Rabbi’s blessing+

Knowing that smoked cannabis food does not necessarily meet kashrut standards, it is different when consumed in the form of oil or steeped in alcohol. , underlines the same evidence.

Kosher cannabis is ensured by respecting the closing of the garden during the Sabbath, respecting the rules of “Shemida” and reducing it once every seven years.

However, rabbinical authorities have established a blessing that must be recited before consuming cannabis oil.

Although the proportion of religious users of medical cannabis is unknown, Israel has the highest per capita use rate in the world, with nearly 115,000 people eligible for medical cannabis, according to Israeli ministry data.

It should be noted that drug use is prohibited by Jewish law, but the use of medical cannabis is recognized on the other hand.

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