May 29, 2023

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V. Putin and the Minsk Process: a. Deception confirmed by Merck

Vladimir Former German Chancellor A. Putin found Merkel’s confession surprising and disappointing – the aim of the Minsk agreements “Winning Time” To strengthen Ukraine’s security, he said, but this only means that the decision to launch a special military operation was correct. “Their objective is to arm Ukraine and prepare it for hostilities. That’s what we’re seeing. Honestly, maybe we realized that too late, maybe we should have started all this sooner. The Kremlin master underlined. If he was well aware that Ukraine had no intention of implementing this agreement, V. Putin promised to believe it. “The other participants in this process were honest. They seem to have cheated us too”.

Therefore, deception on Minsk now raises “A Question of Faith” V. Putin has mentioned that now “Almost zero”. The real question now is whether negotiations are even possible with anyone and what will guarantee a final deal. “At the end of the day, we have to have a dialogue. I have said many times that we are ready for that. But all this makes us think about who we are dealing with. »

Asked about his earlier claim that it might be a military operation, A “The Long Process” V. Putin explained that he was actually referring to the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. “The special military operation is moving quickly, everything is stable, there are no questions or problems with it today”, he declared. Solve the whole situation “It probably won’t be easy and it will take some time, but one way or another, all participants in this process will have to come to terms with the realities that are unfolding on the ground.”

On the ongoing nuclear weapons issue, the Russian head of state has set the record straight. The US has long had an offensive doctrine “Disarmament” Against command and control systems, they developed cruise missiles that the Soviet Union did not have, V. Putin said. Now Russia has hypersonic missiles “More modern and more efficient”, After “Perhaps we should think about adopting the advances and ideas of our American partners in providing security.”

The Kremlin master explained that while American doctrine focuses on deterring a nuclear strike, Russian doctrine focuses on retaliatory measures. If the Russian early warning system detects a missile attack, “Hundreds of our missiles will fly and it will be impossible to stop them.” When some ballistic missiles hit Russia, “The enemy will have nothing”, He explained how nuclear deterrence works.

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Returning to the success of the negotiations aimed at exchanging Britney Griner for Viktor Bout, as a start to discuss other issues with the United States, V. Putin promised that if the negotiations take place. “created a particular situation, within their framework no other problem was raised”. Adding contacts between Russian and US security services “Continued, never really stopped But this particular exchange was initiated by US President Joe Biden. “Are other exchanges possible? Yes, everything is possible. It is the result of negotiation and the search for compromise. In this case, compromise has been found. Russian President said.

Responding to EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell saying that many Africans do not know where Donbass is or who Putin is, the Russian president said the continent knows very well who freed it from European colonialism. EU politicians should “Stop talking about their love for African people and start helping these countries “, V. Putin added. “If the people you are talking to know where Africa is and the condition of the people of Africa, they will not interfere with the supply of Russian food and fertilizers to the African continent, and in the end the harvests will be saved in these countries. Hundreds of thousands of people are starving in Africa. »