March 26, 2023

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Video / Putin: Insulting the Prophet Muhammad is not “artistic freedom” but an attack on Islam

In Russia, reports that President Vladimir Putin has declared that insulting the Prophet Muhammad is an “attack on religious freedom” and “a violation of the sacred beliefs of Muslims.”

During his annual press conference on Thursday, December 23, Vladimir Boutin said, “This freedom must be based on respect for those whose feelings may be affected.

“What insults against the Prophet Muhammad? Is this art freedom? I do not think so. It is an attack on the freedom of belief and sacred beliefs of Muslims, and it could lead to other events, even more serious and extremist, ”he added.

+ “Respect for the beliefs of others” +

The Russian president added: “All freedom must be based on respect for the beliefs of others.”

“The same respect should be paid to those who fought in World War II against Nazi Germany, in this regard.

He added: “Russia was born a country of many faiths. We are accustomed to respecting each other’s values ​​and traditions. It is on this solid foundation that Russia is a pluralistic country.”

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